Training and Developing People

Our primary purpose as a church is to train and develop the people of God to administrate His will and plans in the earth. As a fundamental philosophy, we believe that we are each created by God with a distinct and special purpose in the earth, and that we are here to bring the Kingdom of Heaven INTO the earthen realm. We do this by strategically invading the 7 Spheres of Cultural Influence, and from those positions of leadership, administer the principles and agendas of the King in this present age. 

Our strategy is simple. We will help individuals by:

  1. Leading them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him
  2. Providing training opportunities that empower each person to be healed, transformed, trained, and deployed in their God-given assignment
  3. Providing leadership and personal development training opportunities that insure that each person, no matter how young or old, will be prepared and ready to fully engage their destiny and complete their mission here on earth

Word Based Training:

  • We provide a variety of training opportunities designed to provide encouragement, development, and activation
  • These classes are systematic in nature, and employ lectures, multi-media, and process based learning techniques.
  • We will periodically have guest speakers (both live and via the internet).